I know the number system for these books might be a little confusing, so I thought I’d drop in and explain how my brain puts it together, and hopefully it makes sense.

So the stories jump around from the perspective of different characters. Each character has a number. Stories about Charlie, are 1. Stories about Vickie are 2. Stories about Danny are 3. So on.

Now, sometimes, I’ll throw in a story from another character’s perspective. Like, for instance, a victim or some other external character like Patricia or Devon. I’ll attach those stories to whichever character they are most associated. The plan so far has been to make victim stories .0

So because Devon isn’t a vampire, but interacts mainly with Vickie, and Vickie is 2, Devon’s book is 2.0. Then subsequent Vickie stories will be 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so on.

The stories aren’t REALLY meant to be read in any particular order. There is a chronological timeline of events, but because these characters are (theoretically) immortal, it doesn’t really matter when you drop in on their story. I make an effort to either loosely explain relevant information for the readers, or trust the reader enough to fill in the blanks.

For instance, I released Charlie 1.2 before 1.1. Charlie 1.2 is about the aftermath of a brutal attack Charlie endures. Charlie 1.1 is about that attack. I thought it might be interesting to let people wonder what exactly happened to Charlie out in the desert and then, a little ways down the road, actually release that volume the explains it.

Once all of the story is told and I’m done with this particular series, I’ll probably compile it into one book in some sort of specific order (presumably the one that I imagined in my head when I developed it) but for now I’m content to let it be all over the place.

Eventually the numbers will fall into an obvious system (I hope) and people who are buying the books at that point will probably buy them in that order, but it really doesn’t matter. I say just grab the one that looks most interesting to you and start there.