Didn’t do a lot of writing yesterday. Mostly just rereading and fixing awful, fundamentally basic grammar and spelling errors that I’m apparently incapable of grasping.

Vallejo, California (I got it confused with Valencia, California. What made it even more confusing is that I knew it (or thought i did) based on the fact that Six Flags Magic Mountain is there, which I went to many times a kid. So when I looked it up and started doing my research, and saw it mentioned that Six Flags was there, I didn’t think anything of it. They talked a lot about how there was a really strong LGBT community there in the 30s and 40s (and onward) which worked really well for my story. Then when I did a google maps of it to see how far exactly it was from Leimert Park, where the body of Elizabeth Short was found and Google was like “SIX HOUR DRIVE HOMES” and I was like “NUH UH” and then I looked on the map and saw that Vallejo is in the Bay area and I was like “WHHAAA? MAGIC MOUNTAIN AINT WAY THE SHIT UP THERE” and then I looked it up and realized where I screwed up. Now my locations are all jacked. Valencia didn’t even exist in 1936. Not that I need my character to live near Magic Mountain, I just wanted him a bit out of Los Angeles, but not east in San Bernadino. I guess I could have him live in Anaheim, but I think that was all orange groves back in the 30s. And why are all my LA landmarks theme parks?

Fuck it, I’m gonna have him live in Compton. Not because that’s where Ice Cube and Easy E are from, but because that’s where Robert Neville lived in I Am Legend. The book bro, not that crappy Will Smith movie. Plus, Compton is a brief 15 minutes from where Short was found.

Weirdly enough, according to Wikipedia, there was only one black person living in Compton in the 30s. Which seems weird. Not that there weren’t black people there, but that there was ONE dude there. Must have made quite the impression.)