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Rolling With It

Okay, so I had a catastrophic computer failure last night. The good news is that I save all of my writing in The Cloud so it should all be safe. I lost some editing and some early drafts of things, but I’m not super bummed about that. I am, however, devastated at the loss of…

Why I Still Want Jon Hamm to Play Superman

(This is carried over from an old blog post that was written more than a year before the release of Man of Steel) I fully get that at this point, there’s no real reason to talk speculatively about a Jon Hamm lead Superman movie. I know that ship has sailed and will never come back….

Danny mix

[8tracks width=”600″ height=”600″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/4743247″] Some songs I’m listening to while rereading the Danny stories in preparation for writing What Danny Did.

New Story in Development

Okay, so after some false starts and dead-end ideas, I’m almost 100% decided what the next story will be. I’ve had a series of scenes in my head that I’ve wanted to work into the series, but never really had a place for. I’ve figured out a pretty solid way to make use of them…

10 Books

So I saw a thing on Twitter where someone posted a photo of 10 books that influenced them. Here are mine. Not pictured: The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson (because, for some reason, I can’t find any of my HST books. I must have a box or two of books in a closet)…


I’ve decided I like it much better without the “A Vampire Story” subtitle.  

New covers

Since I’ve decided to take the “A Vampire Story” out of the title, I needed to remake the covers. Luckily, I still had the photoshop files for all but one of them. I had to rebuilt Devon from scratch, but it wasn’t too hard. Even though I really liked the comic book style template I…


Just for fun, here’s a short list of movies/books/TV shows that have had a direct influence on Bloodletting: Blade RunnerMulholland DriveJacob’s LadderThe Stand (the novel)The Shining (mostly the novel, but also the Kubrick movie)Time After TimeBoogie NightsNear DarkA Clockwork OrangeAlienThe World According to GarpAuditionThe Breakfast Club (seriously) High TensionVarious HP Lovecraft worksLost (the TV show)Mad…

The V Word

Something that bothers me about zombie stories and movies is when they refuse to call the reanimated corpses zombies. The Walking Dead being the most obvious example, calling them “walkers” or “biters” or “geeks” or anything but zombies. They approach the story as though the concept of zombies in pop culture never existed and there’s…

Victoria 2.2 live on amazon!

The new story is up and ready to go! Bloodletting: Book 2.2 – Victoria London’s East End in the 1880s isn’t an easy place to live, and life is especially difficult for Victoria and Mary-Ellen, two prostitutes trying to stay alive. That becomes more challenging after Mary-Ellen stumbles onto Jack the Ripper. This volume in the…

Victoria 2.2

The newest story, Victoria 2.2 is uploaded to Amazon and currently processing. It will be available for purchase by tomorrow morning! In conjunction with the release, I’m putting the first two Victoria stories (Victoria 2.1 and Devon 2.0) on a 5 day free promotion, also starting tomorrow!

Victoria 2.2 pretty much done

Alright, I’m done with Victoria 2.2. For now. I wanted to give it one more pass, because I’m sure it’s riddled with grammar and spelling problems. I’m also sure that there’s plenty of stuff I’d like to change and probably will before I publish, but I’ve been looking at this story for far too long,…