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Rolling With It

Okay, so I had a catastrophic computer failure last night. The good news is that I save all of my writing in The Cloud so it should all be safe. I lost some editing and some early drafts of things, but I’m not super bummed about that. I am, however, devastated at the loss of…

live free or die jack! I mean, jack is live and free!

YAY! My newest volume in the Bloodletting series is now live on amazon, and it’s FREE for the next three days, so if you want it, go get it now before it goes back to the regular price of 1.99! It’s got everything! Vampires! Torture! Time travel (sort of, in a bassackwards kind of way)!…

Coming Soon: Jack

Here’s what I’m writing tonight. Well, rereading and picking up where I left off a few years ago. Here’s an excerpt: He felt like he was upside down, but he couldn’t be sure. Something woke him up. A noise, far away in the dark. There was the nauseating feeling of being rolled back and forth….

Stuff I researched while writing today

Today I broke open Danny, which is one of the chapters I wrote a long time ago and then put away to focus on other things, and it’s always just sat there mostly untouched, while I tinkered and played with Charlie and Patricia. I knew I had a good introduction to her, and I established…

Finished one of the freebies last night!

Just threw together this cover for it. I’m sure it will change before publication, as it’s going to be later in the series. I’m really happy with how it turned out though.

Protected: Chapter One: Patricia

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