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New covers

Since I’ve decided to take the “A Vampire Story” out of the title, I needed to remake the covers. Luckily, I still had the photoshop files for all but one of them. I had to rebuilt Devon from scratch, but it wasn’t too hard. Even though I really liked the comic book style template I…

Danny 3.2 coming soon!

Finished the cover, about halfway through writing. Can’t give an ETA just yet, but shouldn’t be TOO long. Certainly not like the last couple. Plus I’ve got a surprise lined up.


I’ve went to staples and got some 11×17 color laser copies made of some of my covers just because it was cheap and I thought it would be fun. I didn’t change the proportions to fit the 11×17 paper though, so I can’t frame them, and they look awesome enough that they really should be…

Almost there

  Coming Soon!

Coming soon

I’m writing both at the same time for some reason, so whichever one I finish first will be the next one! IT’S A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

Fun with photoshop

For the upcoming Jack 4.0 originally had just the actual Elizabeth Short mug shot, which is a pretty famous (and public domain) photo related to that case. But I was never really happy with it, because it was a little too on the nose. I mean, it’s clear who the subject of the story is…

Something I’m tossing around

A kind of side story. I don’t know what about it would separate it from the actual story, but I like the idea of giving them their own little adventure. Of course, I’d have to play with the picture a bit fair bit more. This is just the idea. The fact that they’re clearly standing…

and eventually

Though it probably won’t be for a while, I’m planning on writing a stand alone Caroline story. She started off as almost a throw away character who only appeared in about ten minutes of the original screenplay but has managed to become pretty much my favorite character in the series. So yeah, I’m planning on…

Or maybe coming soon

I’ve got two in the pipeline (that sounds gross) and I haven’t decided which I’m going to release next. It’ll either be Vickie 2.1 or Charlie 1.3. WE’LL SEE. It’ll be a surprise. Anyway, this is a WIP of the cover. Stock permissions pending and such.

Coming soon

New covers I’m working on

These are just works in progress for upcoming volumes. Proper credit for stocks and such will be available when they’re finished. 


Alright, so I just reformatted all of the books I’ve put up so far (four of them) to make them hopefully a little nicer to read on various devices. I also made a few corrections and updates here and there, so if you’ve bought any of them and haven’t read them yet, the new versions…