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Danny is an experiment in human psychosis. Pushed to her limit and beyond to appease a few of curious vampires, the end result is far more disturbing than they ever expected. The line between the past and present is blurred as Danny recalls how she was taken captive by the vampires.


The garage was dark and the windows were painted black. She could smell the enamel stink of spray paint. Later, when the lights were on, she would see the haphazard way the paint coated the glass and around the windows, and where it collected and ran down the walls in messy rivulets. But at that moment, it was daytime and the lights were off.

The three vampires were asleep on mattresses on the floor all around her. At least, it was what they called sleeping. It wasn’t sleeping though. It was nothing like sleeping.

The one called Beth was stretched out next to her, face down on the mattress, her arms at her sides. It was unnerving seeing her with her face buried in the pillow, perfectly still. A living person would need to move and shift their face to breath. The vampires didn’t. The vampires got into whatever position they were going to sleep in and stayed there for nine or ten hours. No breathing, no rolling over or adjusting covers. Lifeless objects, like scattered, forgotten toys with dead batteries.

Danny never realized how much noise and movement a living person makes when they sleep until she was in the same room with the sleeping vampires. The silence was maddening. She woke up on the first day, her head pounding from whatever they’d drugged her with, her arms in some sort of steel restraints. There was about eight inches of thick chain between her wrists and linked from that, another, thinner chain that was padlocked to a pipe in the wall.