When I signed up with Amazon, I took advantage of their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) service, which lets you give away your title for free for five days. The idea being that if you’ve got more than one book, the people who download the free book and liked it will go and buy your full priced book, which is a fair idea. It also locks you into a three month Exclusive deal with Amazon, which is why I haven’t offered Bloodletting on any of the other platforms. It seemed to me that it was pointless to put only part of a series up on one device when the rest of the series is unavailable. Anyway, long story short, now that there are eight books out, only 4 of which are in that exclusive deal, I figured I may as well put the four that aren’t locked down up on the other devices. Because I’m releasing the stories non-linearly, and because there’s only a month or so left on my exclusive deal with Amazon, having four books up on other devices is better than having none.

I’m having some technical problems with Kobo, but I’ve got three of the four up on Nook/B&N right now. One (Bette 4.0) is still “processing” but will hopefully be up soon. I still need to figure out iTunes.

So for all of you Nookies, here’s are the links for the three that are up.

Bloodletting: 1.3 - Charlie
Bloodletting: 1.3 – Charlie

Bloodletting: 2.1 - Victoria
Bloodletting: 2.1 – Victoria

Bloodletting: 3.1 - Danny
Bloodletting: 3.1 – Danny

Like with amazon, for now they’re all priced at $0.99

I’m considering trying a new price system. When the newest story comes out, pricing it at $2.99 and after a couple of weeks when the next one comes out, changing the previous one to $0.99. So only the newest book is ever $2.99 and the old ones are always a buck. Just an idea.

Sorry for all of this “how the sausage gets made” stuff, but I thought it was worth sharing.