The old one was too flapper like. She’s from the Victorian era (1890s specifically), and I wanted to find a real public domain original photograph from that era. So I did a fair bit of searching and while people took plenty of pictures back then, it seems that most of the “erotic” photos taken before 1900 seemed to be pretty raunchy pictures of smelly looking people boning. Which doesn’t really help me. The pictures I found didn’t really start getting classy and pleasant to look at until the 20s, because flappers frigging loved taking pictures of themselves apparently. Unfortunately, they also had very distinctive clothes and hair. So it’s hard (for me at least) to find a public domain picture that’s both classy and doesn’t look dated to the 20s. I found one I really liked, but she had haircut that looked pretty specific to that time. So I photoshopped new hair onto her, as well as some blood. This isn’t necessarily the final product (I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking all of these until I actually publish) but it’s where I’m headed. Here’s the original with her 20s hair.


I also made this for myself. It’s a cellphone wallpaper for my Galaxy Note 2.


That’s actress Jean Ackerman btw.