Okay, so I had a catastrophic computer failure last night. The good news is that I save all of my writing in The Cloud so it should all be safe. I lost some editing and some early drafts of things, but I’m not super bummed about that. I am, however, devastated at the loss of a lot of personal stuff (photos, other writing, random stuff)

Luckily, I’ve uploaded most of the finished products to Amazon and here, so at least I have something to work with, even if I don’t have the original photoshop files. Plus, because I’ve been pretty diligent about crediting the photographers and models who let me use their images, I have links to most of the original photos and can rebuild covers if I need to.

Which, as it happens, I need to. I was in the process of giving all of my previously released volumes a once over. Doing some minor proofreading and editing, cleaning up a few odds and ends. In the process, I was also redoing the covers, changing the layout of the text and that sort of thing. I was mostly done, but still had the first Danny book left.

So that one I actually did have to go back and rebuild from scratch. I kind of like the new one better, which is making me want to go back and rebuild all of them from scratch. Before, I was mostly just moving around text. But I might actually give all the covers a complete overhaul. As long as I’m being forced to rebuild, may as well rebuild all of it.

Here’s the three iterations of the Danny 3.1 cover. The first one  is the very first version, the second is the a version of the one I was going to use before my computer crashed. It’s too small to actually use it, which is why I had to start over. The third is the new one.

old danny1 book1