So I realized something in the shower today (which is where I do most of my realizing) and what I realized is that my 0 stories (so far Devon and Patricia, and the upcoming Bette) are actually Sally Simpson stories, and that made me happy.

What is a Sally Simpson story? Well, allow me to explain. One of my favorite albums ever is Tommy by The Who. For those who don’t know, Tommy follows the rise of a blind and deaf mute who becomes a champion pinball player. It’s a commentary on celebrity, Christianity and religion in general, psychiatry, the hippie movement and a host of other things relevant to young Pete Townsend in 1968. The story only really follows three central character, Tommy and his parents. Eventually, Tommy becomes a huge celebrity after overcoming his dead/blind/mute-ness and he becomes something of a messiah type figure for the youth of the ‘60s.

Then, about halfway through the second album (or three quarters of the way through the playlist of MP3s for you kids) there’s a song called Sally Simpson, which is its own little self contained story about this teenage girl who is obsessed with Tommy. She goes to one of his “sermons” (concerts) and runs up on the stage to kiss him and gets thrown into the audience by security. She lands on a chair, cutting her face open. The song serves as kind of external view at what all of the crazy stuff that’s happening in the album looks like from the outside. I love that song and I really like it when writers do that.

There was a series of comics in the 90s called Marvels that Alex Ross did the artwork for, and his style lends itself to real world interpretations of comic book characters. It was from the perspective of a news reporter, so all of the artwork was from the ground, and looking at these fantastic characters from a regular person’s perspective.


That’s what I want to do with the “victim” stories. I pour most of my energy into writing about these vampires and their experience and what they’re going through, but every so often I want to check in and show what all of that really looks like to someone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.