I was reading a blog post about a guy and his debut novel and how well it’s doing, and it got me thinking.

So all along my plan has been to do what I’ve been doing, which is writing and releasing Bloodletting as a series of short stories that I would ultimately consolidate into either one massive novel or a series of shorter novels. That’s why they’re divided up by character and book number. While each story is meant to be able to stand alone, the intention all along has been to collect them.

Originally, I planned on having an A-story and a B-story in each  “book” and flip back and forth between them. I ended up only doing that in two of the books (2-Victoria and 3-Danny) and in the other two (1-Charlie and 4-Jack) I stayed pretty much exclusively in the past.

What I’m thinking is that I’ve got another Charlie story (1.4) that is just about done, and then probably one more that I still need to write (1.5) and that should finish up the entire Charlie “book.” Or at least this phase of it. I’m still deciding how I want to approach the second half the main story. Either way, once I put out those two stories, I’ll be able to compile the whole Charlie series into one book and essentially have a complete novel, following Charlie from when she runs away from home in book 1.1 to when she ends up where she ends up in at the end of book 1.5. I suppose book 0, Patricia, is also part of the Charlie series, though I’m not sure I’d put it in Charlie’s book.

Either way, my point is that I’m considering finishing up the Charlie story entirely next. Finishing and putting out the mostly done Charlie 1.4 and then powering through 1.5, just so I’ve got a full novel under my belt. A book I can charge 5.99 for or whatever and put in the print store and see how it sells compared to the shorts.

It’s a something I’m thinking about. I’ve got a pretty solid idea of exactly what happens between when I left off with Caroline and Charlie in Arizona and where that story ends, so it’s really just a matter of writing it. The first three Charlie stories (excluding Patricia) are between 13k and 15k words each, and I expect the last two will clock in around that as well. all together that should be about 75k words, which is roughly 200 pages by Amazon’s count. Not great for a print novel, but not completely unreasonable either. And for an ebook, that’s perfectly acceptable as a full length novel.

I dunno. I still have to write What Danny Did, so it’s not like I need to decide anything right now. It’s just something I’m thinking about.

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