Retractable batons (mostly I needed to know what they are made of. Aluminum or steel)
Different brands of vodka (settled on a polish vodka called Chopin, named after the composer)
Père Lachaise (Followed the Chopin thread and saw that he is buried in Pere Lachaise. Which connects with another character’s interest in Jim Morrison, so I had to see where in the cemetery Chopin is buried in relation to Morrison’s grave. Luckily the official Pere Lachaise website has a handy dandy interactive grave finder. Turns out Morrison and Chopin are right around the corner from each other, which I’m sure is delightful for Chopin fans )
Other notable dead people in that cemetery (Sarah Burnhart, Oscar Wilde, Proust, and Molière were the ones I referenced in the story. And the tradition of rubbing the crotch of the statue on Victor Noir’s grave)
Oldsmobile Delta 88 (I was looking for an old, boat of a car and that one popped into my head. I knew it had to be connected to something else in pop culture because I have no personal connection to that car. Once I looked it up, I felt stupid for not remembering immediately that it’s Ash’s car in the Evil Dead movies, and shows up in pretty much every Sam Raimi movie)
Victor Victoria (A character in the story is named Vickie, and the main character in this particular chapter is wondering if she’s transgendered, because she’s incredibly tall. He speculates that Vickie could be short for Victoria or Victor, which lead me to watch the trailer for Victor Victoria, which has a lot of really slapsticky shots of people getting punched with a cheesy sound effect. It ultimately had no bearing on my story)
Champagne rooms (I’d heard the term in passing and thought I knew what it was. Turns out I was wrong. Nixed)
Which is the American spelling, grey or gray? (Gray)