Victorian era England (1837-1901. The reign of Queen Victoria I’d always heard that term, but never actually understood specifically what time frame it was referring to. The part of the story this relates to does, in fact, fall in that time frame.)

A-Sexuality and whether an a-sexual man still gets erections (Yes, and once I read the explanation about it, it seems pretty obvious that they would. Just as straight people can engage in gay sex and gay people can engage in straight sex, asexual people can become physically aroused and have sex with people they aren’t actually sexually attracted to. Sex can be mechanical and purely a physical exercise that has nothing to with orientation or attraction or interest. Learning a lot of interesting stuff writing this book. A character in my story is an asexual prostitute. My approach was that sex can be a learned skill like dancing or massage therapy, and someone who was detached from the sexual attraction part of it might be in a position to approach the job of sex from a purely clinical and functional perspective and, theoretically, be quite good at reading people and anticipating their needs if they aren’t actually invested in the scenario personally.

Which led me to try and find information about a-sexuality and prostitution, but it’s hard to google “a-sexuality” for specific information without just getting loaded up with hits for the word “sexuality” coupled with “prostitution”. I’m going to assume that it’s entirely feasible

Actually, duh, rather than searching for a-sexuality I learned that it’s actually “asexual” not “a-sexual” which gave me better results. I considered messaging one of the many vocal asexuals on tumblr who seemed to be willing to educate ignorant yet open minded people such as myself, but I didn’t want to bother people. I think I can make it work.)

How tall Gwendoline Christie is (I’ve always had mental images of what my characters look like, but one character in particular never quite found an actress or anyone who really looked like what I pictured in my head. Then I thought of Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, but how she looks when she’s just out and about and not being Brienne. I realized that her friendly, non-Brienne face is actually pretty close to what I picture. So then I fantasized about if this book were made into a movie, if they cast her in that role, and it occurred to me if they did that, the fact that Gwendoline Christie is unusually tall would have to become part of the character, when before I’d always imagined her as somewhat slight and short. At this point in my writing (I’m adapting this into a novel from my own screenplay) I haven’t written a lot about this character yet, and this is really my first solid introduction to her in the book, so I had an opportunity to redefine her in my head. So I went ahead and made her super tall, because why not? It’s interesting. The idea of a beautiful 6’3″ giraffe of a woman ripping your throat out is compelling to me. Oh, and yeah, she’s 6’3″.)

Tweed (it was exactly what I thought it was, but I wasn’t 100% sure)

Words I looked up because I wasn’t sure if I was using them correctly: Slovenly. Gesticulation. integral (I know what it means, but I never, ever spell it correctly)

Strawberry Hubba-Bubba (I just needed to know if the gum I was thinking of was Hubba-Bubba or Bubblicious. It was Hubba-Bubba)

The name of the lead character in Slaughterhouse 5 (I remembered that his name was Pilgrim, but for some reason my brain kept telling me it was Johnny Pilgrim, and I knew that was wrong. It’s Billy. Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time. I need to reread that book)

The name Alexis (didn’t get too far with that. I liked the name for its androgyny and started looking into what it meant. It means “the defender of mankind” which doesn’t really have any relevance to my story. I considered finding a name that actually had some relevant meaning, but then was like “nah”.

Ducati helmet lock (Not specific to Ducatis, but you can buy all sorts of devices that will lock a helmet to the frame of a bike)

Storage compartment in a Ducati (Some have a pretty nifty compartment in the area where a gas tank would normally be on a motorcycle, which makes me wonder where the gas tank on that Ducati is. But not enough to actually do the research. I just needed to know if this guy could store his jacket in there. I imagine so.

Though I just looked it up again and realized that the bike with the compartment in the gas tank is actually a Honda, so I’m back to square one. Either way, there are Ducati’s with storage compartments under the seat, which makes more sense anyway)