Sam Kinison (I was looking for notorious people in the 90s a character could have been friends with in Los Angeles. Kinison was already long dead by the time this part of the story takes place)
What the Florida state nickname is (The Sunshine State. Fair enough. It should be “the fucking crazy state” though)
What cellphones looked like in 1998. (Pretty much what I remember them looking like, though it’s hard to remember exactly when they rolled over from the massive bricks to the more compact, reasonably sized versions. They still had little nubby antennas though.)
Canopy bed (Just needed to confirm that it is what I think it is. It is.)
Tupperware (when did it come out? What were the options. I ended up skipping the Tupperware entirely and the old man is stuffed into an oversized Igloo cooler and taken out into the desert and buried)
Pictures of Betty Draper. (I needed her in something other than a dress. The look of one of my characters is based (at least partially) on Betty Draper’s style, but I need her digging a hole in the desert, and a dress just isn’t practical for that. So I need an early 60s style gardening outfit.
Hell yeah. Like a fucking boss.)
Garage door opener (1926. Booyah)
The public perception of nicotine (Basically I needed to know if a person in 1972 would know that the component in cigarettes that made them feel good was nicotine. It seems that “Light” cigarettes at the time were sold with the promise that they had less tar and nicotine than regular cigarettes, so I have to assume that the general population had at least a bit of an idea what nicotine is.)