Cigarette hard packs (did they exist in 1971? Yes they did)
Psychoanalysis (I just needed to know if someone would use that word in conversation in 1971. Seems feasible)
How much an expensive condo in West Hollywood would have cost in 1998. The housing bubble was on the upswing at that point and the average price for a new house in 1997 was 150K. When I wrote the intro (which I’m rewriting to set in 1998 rather than now) I based the price of her condo on how much Chris Brown bought his condo for. I said “she lived in a two million dollar condo in West Hollywood, three floors above a certain musical performer known for beating up women and tearing apart talk show sets. His place was 1.6 million.” but now that it’s in 1998, I need to find a new public figure she can be better than.

Hold on. Okay, I did a bunch more research and I’ve changed things for a few reasons. First of all, I decided she lives in Laurel Canyon now. That’s way more interesting than a condo in West Hollywood. And it’s better for the story. I still don’t know how much it cost in 1998, but that doesn’t matter now, because I’m not comparing it to Chris Brown’s condo anymore, because fuck that who cares. Laurel Canyon is way more rock n roll than stupid West Hollywood. Also it sounds better. Frank Zappa and Jim Morrison used to live there. Okay, this is it. She lives in Peter Tork’s house. I used to listen to Alice Cooper’s radio show Nights With Alice Cooper, and he talked about living next door to Peter Tork and that apparently of all the rock stars he ever met (and he’s met a lot. As much as I love him, Alice Cooper is an epic name dropper) nobody partied harder than The Monkees. According to my further reading, parties at Peter Tork’s house were legendary. I looked it up and the house is pretty nice.


Besides. I’m an idiot. I talk about how she lives in a condo, and then go on to talk about being able to see the moon through her skylight. Unless she’s in the penthouse, that’s completely idiotic. This is way better. Anyway, moving on.

Edit: Further reading suggests that it was actually Peter’s second house in Studio City that was the notorious party house. That house is too big and isn’t in Laurel Canyon so whatever.

Oh shit, the Wonderland Murders happened in Laurel Canyon. Hell yeah, I’m in.

Reading further, I was right the first time! The Laurel Canyon house that was the notorious party house! Score!
Though the fact that there’s a plaque on the wall that says “The Monkees house” is tacky as shit. I’m not going to mention that.


Interesting. According to this site it was last sold in 2003 for 610K, which is five years after this particular part of the story takes place.  It was originally listed at 775 but didn’t sell at that price. 1998 was right before the housing bubble really started to gain momentum, and it peaked in 2007. This character was murdered in 1998, so the fact that the house was sold in 2003 has no real impact on my story. The fact that it’s a known house, and obviously this character is fictional and there’s no real person who lived in that house who was murdered (that I know of anyway) I’m not too worried about. That’s how fiction works. I could say she lives in the Griffith Observatory and it wouldn’t matter. I can do what I want!

Alright Joe, close all of these Monkees/real estate tabs and get back to writing! ENOUGH TIME WASTING

Femoral artery (I just needed to know how deep it is in your leg. I know it’s a big one and that it’s easy to bleed to death if it’s opened, but I didn’t know how close to the skin it is. Seems to be deeper than your jugular or carotid artery in your neck) Strangely this information isn’t actually for vampire shit, but for cutting. This character is a self harmer and likes to cut her thighs with razorblades and I needed to know if she was in danger of accidentally killing herself like she might be if she were cutting on her neck or wrists. Doesn’t appear that it’s a big enough risk to mention)

Where does Jerry Seinfeld live? (Apparently tonight is all about celebrity real estate. I needed to know where a rich person might have a condo or apartment in New York. Jerry lives on the “Upper West Side” or “Central Park West”. I dunno. I don’t know much of anything about New York. Central Park West sounds good enough for me)