Heterochromia iridum (different colored eyes. Cool shit. The list of people with the condition on wikipedia is pretty impressive. Few are as pronounced as I want them to be though)

Strippers (general history. It’s actually a far more recent thing than I thought. There have been other forms of erotic dancing in the past, but strippers as we know them today really came about in the 70s)

Clapperboards (Is that what that doo-dad that they write the scene numbers and take numbers and clap in front of the camera to sync sound called? Yes. Yes it is. I’d always heard it called a “slate” but that’s just the part you write on)

Shoe taps (little metal doo-dads that go on the bottoms of shoes to make them last longer. I thought they were just for tap shoes, but they’re also handy in general shoe upkeep. I might get some for my RUN DMC style Adidas sneakers)

Falsies (I didn’t know what they were. Now I do. They’re rubber doo-dads that women with smaller breasts can wear to either push their boobs up, or even completely cover their boobs to fill out a bra)
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Bartholin’s cyst (painful affliction where the two glands just inside a woman’s vulva become infected and fill with puss. It can be incredibly uncomfortable and make sex difficult. Sounds like a bummer)

Drinking cough syrup to get high (cough syrup used to have morphine or heroin or even chloroform in it, because, you know, why not?)

Lengths of time for reels of 16mm film (a 7inch reel gives you about 13 minutes at 24fps)

Antique scissors (I came across these: http://www.leopardantiques.com/object/stock/detail/129 “Fox and Vine Silver Grape Scissors” I’ve never heard of grape scissors but those are some badass looking ornate scissors)

Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil (nope. Didn’t come out until 1969. There were other coconut based tanning oils though)

Magazines in the late 1930s (Vogue works)

Healthcare in the military during the 1940s (complicated and confusing. Go figure.)

Asthma (according to Wikipedia, between the 1930s and the 1950s, asthma was largely considered a psychosomatic illness. Doctors were dicks back then)

Various 40s dresses (just different ideas)

Types of women’s shoes (easy enough)

Outlying areas around Los Angeles that would have been farmland or open desert in the 40s. (Anaheim was pretty much all farms and Orange groves till Disneyland showed up and made it awesome. Or, at least, a different kind of awesome. Actually, really, only Disneyland is awesome. Anaheim is kind of a dump. Sorry Anaheim but it’s true. Carl Karcher Blvd my ass. Gimme a Western Bacon Cheese beeyotch. Never mind, there’s an In-N-Out a few blocks up. PEACE OUT CARL’S JR.       –sorry, I’m really tired)

Phone booths in the 40s (yep. Also sent me into a tangential distracted wikipedia journey into the history of The Tardis and the time machine in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure among other things)

Wonder Woman (She was around, doing her Wonder Woman thing. Tying dudes up with a lasso. Getting tied up a lot. A whole bunch of not-so-subtle kinky stuff. Good ole Wonder Woman)

The Hollywood Sign (In the 70s, it was all dilapidated up and falling apart and Hugh Hefner organized a benefit to restore it. Nine donors gave $27,777 each, one for each letter. Donors were:
H – Terrence Donnelly – publisher of the Hollywood Independent Newspaper
O – Giovanni Mazza – Italian movie producer
L – Les Kelley – originator of the Kelley Blue Book
L – Gene Autry – actor
Y – Hugh Hefner – founder of Playboy magazine
W – Andy Williams – singer
O – Warner Bros. Records
O – Alice Cooper – singer, who donated in memory of comedian Groucho Marx
D – Thomas Pooley — donated in the name of Matthew Williams

I actually had to go back and research the Hollywood sign some more, because it occurred to me (now that I’m finished writing and I’m in editing mode) that I didn’t know when they changed it from Hollywoodland to Hollywood. As it turns out, in 1947 (when this story takes place) it was the Hollywoodland sign. Also, the H was missing because the caretaker of the sign got drunk and crashed his car into it. So it was the Ollywoodland sign and looked like this:
Pretty shitty! It was originally designed to only be up there for 18 months to promote a housing division called Hollywoodland. When Hefner got spearheaded the restoration, they replaced the wood and sheetmetal sign with a steel one)

“Oi” (I wanted Jack to say “Oi” to get someone’s attention like a punk rock kid, but that was something that started in the 30s in England and Jack was already in America for that, so no go. I’ve just always like that. Oi! I do think that once punk rock rolls around, Jack will be perfectly suited for that aesthetic, but since we’re still in the late 40s, it’ll have to wait another 25 years. That said, I think he might be better suited to New York punk than British punk. Probably just because that’s how I lean. The Ramones >>> The Sex Pistols. SORRY ENGLAND)

Transistor radios (I went back and checked this one after the fact, and it turns out I gambled wrong, and they didn’t actually come out until the 60s. THUMBS DOWN, history)