Hank Williams (dates, and general information. I didn’t know he did the song Move it on Over, which was fully rock n’ roll in 1947)

Flagstaff to Phoenix (about 2 hours)

Glacial erratic rocks (I’m too far south for it. Oh well)

Windshield safety glass (1917 Henry Ford used a french glass laminating process to create the first safty glass windshields)

What was a high school mascot in Flagstaff in the 1970s? (Maybe this frigging PDF of a 1974 Flagstaff High Yearbook has the answer. The internet is awesome.)

Antifreeze (general information)

How much blood can a person donate? (one pint)

How much is one pint? (a fair bit)

Sports bra (NOPE. 1975)

Tutus (just if they are what I thought they were. They are)

Kris Kristofferson songs and general information (quite possibly the coolest dude in history)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (dates. Nope. There was a production in Los Angeles in 1974, but nothing that works for me)

Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show (dates)

The effects of speed (I pretty much already knew. I’ve seen Breaking Bad. I know what’s up)

Cheap cigarette brands (went with Pall Mall. If they’re good enough for Kurt Vonnegut, then they’re good enough for this truck-stop hooker. Plus, they’re one of the brands I smoked when I used to smoke, along with Dunhills, which weren’t cheap at all)

How to use a sharpening stone (there are a couple ways. I went with the oily one)

Quaaludes (fuckin’ ‘ludes man!)

Coagulants in Saliva (an enzyme in saliva speeds up coagulation in blood. It’s why dogs lick wounds)

Night time TV talk shows in the 70s (I already mentioned Johnny Carson. Went with Dick Cavett)

Bridges near Flagstaff (The Cameron Suspension Bridge. About an hour and a half away. It closed in 1959 but they built a new bridge right next to it. The bridge is a historical landmark, so it’s still there)

What happens to a body when you jump off a bridge (apparently most people die because their ribs collapse in and shred organs and sever arteries)

How high does the bridge need to be in order to be fatal (50 feet seems to be the number that pops up a fair bit)

Anne Sexton’s death (suicide. I knew that. Wasn’t sure on the method. She sat in her car in the garage and died of carbon monoxide poisoning)

Phoenix newspaper (bailed on that one. Went with Los Angeles Times instead)