The copyright status of this photo:


(The photo is from the ‘20s and is by Alfred Cheney Johnston of model/actress Jean Ackerman. From my reading, the copyright status on a lot of his photos is in dispute, but from what I can tell, this one appears to be in the public domain.)

Whether Salome lives in Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear. I can’t remember which one I ended up deciding on. (Lake Arrowhead. It’s about an hour and a half from Glendale, apparently, according to Google Maps)

Home ballrooms (sure. I imagined The Addams Family house from the movie, but that’s not what I’m actually writing it like)
Ballroom decoration

Dates of the ripper murders (August 31st 1888 – November 9 1888 for the canonical 5)

What opium smoke smells like (flowery and burn-y, but it doesn’t matter because I found out that Opium wasn’t actually smoked by anyone until relatively recently, and apparently not in ancient Rome, which is when I planned on having it smoked. Hookahs weren’t even invented until the 1500s. So wtf did ancient Romans do to get baked? I don’t want to hear “drinking wine” either because that’s boring)

WTF did ancient Romans do to get baked? (fucking hell, it looks like wine is the way to go. I guess opium was around and in use, but mainly for straight up medical reasons rather than recreational. Stupid practical Romans. So I need to go another way. I guess they did occasionally drink it IN their wine, along with all sorts of other herbal hallucinogens. They weren’t apposed to getting fucked up, they just weren’t big smokers)

More Cockney Rhyming Slang (as well as general London/Brit language differences. I have to really decide just how much I’m willing to commit to it. From what I’m reading, street people in Victorian London basically spoke a foreign language. Do I go full on Clockwork Orange and force readers to figure it out? Or do I simplify it a bit for the sake of easier reading?)

The Surname “Winfield” (In the first Jack story, I gave Victoria the last name Winfield because it sounded solid, kind of British and reminded me of Renfeld. As I was writing tonight, it occurred to me that I should probably actually look up where that name originated and if it was even a realistic name for someone in England in the 1880s. Boom! Nailed that shit)

Even more Cockney Rhyming Slang, as well as Polari and other LGBT terminology (needed to come up with a nickname. An hour later and I think I’ve decided. Got it sorted, proper)

Schools in Victorian England (nope. Not for girls. Too bad, ladies)

Changing the transmission fluid in an older car (it can be done at home with some basic knowhow and tools, but it’s not as simple as changing the oil)

When they started putting computers in cars (early eighties. I also needed to figure out what those early computers did. Regulated timing, fuel flow, spark advance, that sort of thing)

Specifically when they started putting computers in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1981)

MacArthur Park (Mostly just how far it is from a conceivable venue for a rock band. Too far for walking, so I’m changing the story to fit the location. Thank you Anthony Kiedis for the inspiration)

What heroin tastes like (depends on the heroin, but apparently vinegary is pretty common. Also thank you Anthony Kiedis. Good job on staying sober! Thumbs up! Glad to have you with us)