Mitre Square (Where the body of Catherine Eddowes, the forth Ripper victim, was found)
jack 45William_Stewart_Mitre_Square_Rippers_Corner

Fuel Injection (just general information. Mostly started in the early ‘80s)

The Monkees song Randy Scouse Git (written by Micky Dolenz about a party The Monkees went to thrown by The Beatles. It’s got the lines: Why don’t you be like me? Why don’t you stop and see? Why don’t you hate who I hate, Kill who I kill to be free?)

The entomology of the word “pig” in reference to police (

How did the police in Victorian London move prisoners around? (in the obvious way: a horse drawn wagon)

the Contagious Diseases Acts ( “The Act of 1864 stated that women found to be infected could be interned in locked hospitals for up to three months, a period gradually extended to one year with the 1869 Act. These measures were justified by medical and military officials as the most effective method to shield men from venereal disease.”)

Detectives in the Jack the Ripper case (

Capital Punishment in Victorian England (hanging. Fairly regular apparently. It was public hanging until 1868)

Insane Asylums in London (Bedlam, aka Bethlem Royal Hospital. Apparently by the 1880s, they’d pretty much stopped being a horror house of torture and gross negligence, which isn’t particularly helpful for my story. At least the ones I’m reading about in London. In America, most of them were full on nightmare material until well into the 1960s)

Victorian London Drunk Tanks (Having trouble with this one. There was some controversy recently when England privatized drunk tanks, so everything I’ve found when researching has pretty much been related to that)

Baby Farming (grizzly shit)

Whether or not there was a reward offered for information that lead to the arrest of Jack the Ripper (not officially, but there were private citizens who offered rewards and apparently one for £500 put up by the “Lord Mayor of the City of London” whatever that is)

WTF is a Lord Mayor of the City of London? (Not an actual mayor. Seems to be a mostly useless ceremonial and diplomatic position. A kind of mascot for the city.)

What’s the inflation on £500 in 1888? (according to this site (which only lets you start at the year 1900, but that’s close enough) £500 would be worth £53,659 today, which is about $90k US. That’s a grip of money. I’m considering making the reward larger, for literary license purposes)

The Louisiana Purchase (Fuckin’ Napoleon. I didn’t know that at the time, Louisiana was like, the whole middle of the country. I was always confused about it actually, because I was like “Why are they so keen to buy Louisiana. It’s not THAT great.” I didn’t go to high school, alright?)

Louisiana Plantations (just dates and general information)

Slavery in America (wandered down a wikipedia rabbit hole. Slavery was pretty fucked up. Go figure.)

Lipstick in the 1880s (lip rouge anyway. “As the Victorian Age dawned, Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup “impolite,” and makeup became socially unacceptable for all but prostitutes and actresses.” Fair enough. Yay prostitutes!)

“The Tradesman’s Entrance” (Officially it’s exactly what it sounds like, a side or back door to a business or house where goods can be delivered out of sight or staff can enter or leave. Unofficially it means something else entirely. I’ll say that I learned about it as a phrase when Sinead O’Connor was having her online meltdown and was going on about how she would have let Adam Clayton (bass player for U2) in the tradesmen’s entrance if he’d been so inclined.)

Streets and landmarks around where the Ripper murders happened (settled on Christ’s Church Spitalfields on Commercial Street)