The word “psycho” (early 1800s doctors started throwing around the word “psychopathy” and its related variations)

1930 Mercedes Benz SSK (the other night I was researching a car for a character and decided on a 1931 Cadillac. Then the next day I stumbled on a tumblr post full of super cool vehicles from the 30s and 40s and immediately scrapped that Caddy for the Mercedes Benz SSK. I then went on to write a scene that takes place in that car, which meant I had to research all about what it sounded like, what the interior was like, what the inside of the door was like, how fast it could go, all that fun stuff. Oh, and they only made about 40 of them, most of which were made into hotrods and wrecked. But apparently my character was lucky enough to get her hands one. Because I said so)

H.G. Wells and Jules Verne (just general knowledge really. When they were active and what years specific works came out)

That whole “I gave birth to the 20th Century” Jack the Ripper line from From Hell (didn’t find out much except that people on the internet don’t really know where it’s from. The loose consensus seems to be that it’s some bullshit Alan Moore made up)

Prohibition (Oh shit, I completely forgot about that. I should probably check to see if the various bars I’ve got the characters visiting and driving buy even existed. Repealed in 1933. I’m clear. Phew)

More Chopin (specifically Nocturnes)

Theresa Berkley and BDSM in Victorian England (not only was it around, but apparently those saucy Brits pretty much wrote the book on it. Specifically and especially a woman named Theresa Berkley, who ran a full on sex dungeon with a bevy of women working for her. One in particular stood out because of her name, Bauld-cunted Poll, which I thought was worth mentioning)

The ripper graffiti (the whole thing about “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing” which I knew about, but I’d misremembered the way the word “Jews” was misspelled (or not, depending on who you ask) which led me to decide once and for all that my Jack is only barely literate. That’s something I probably should have already considered given that I’m also attributing the “Dear Boss” letter to him, which is friggin mess)

concrete (yep, sure)

Los Angeles in 1917 (I mention in one part that a character moved to Los Angeles in 1917 and I had no real concept of what Los Angeles in 1917 looked like, so I googled “los angeles 1917” and came back with a youtube clip of an old travel film of Los Angeles from 1917. It’s pretty amazing. Far more sophisticated and modern looking than I expected. Pretty incredible really. The internet rules)

Radios in 1930 (googled exactly that and the first result was about the “Zenith Stratosphere” which sounds and looks bad ass, so we’re going with that. I don’t mention the brand name but I needed to know what it looked like)
What it looks like is super cool.

I’m done writing Jack and now I’m just rereading and proofing/editing/fixing stuff I don’t like. It will be up by Sunday morning. It’s just a restless feeling by my side…