Versace black dress (Had to go back and research Versace dresses again. I was rereading the Devon book and realized that I forgot (again) that it was set in 1998 and not now. He makes reference to the fact that he believes the black dress a character is wearing is a Versace knock off (it’s not, it’s an original), so I just have to check and make sure that it was a relevant reference in 1998 as well. It was. The “Elizabeth Hurley Dress” is appropriately black and skimpy.Not that she’s wearing that exact dress, but it shows that Versace was making dresses in that ballpark.)

MDMA in 1998? (Well, yeah, duh. Just checking, gosh. Don’t have to be a dick about it.)

Since I changed the date to 1998, do I need to change her car? (I know I like modern Jags, but did they look cool back in the 90s?

Pretty slick. Not as cool as the new ones, and a little generic looking, but I think that’s hindsight more than anything.
Shit. No sunroof. Hmmm. It comes in a convertible, but is a chick going to a club at 11 at night going to put the top down? That seems a little silly. Lemme look further. All the Mercedes and BMWs from that time look like old people cars. I don’t want her in a car that’s too sporty, or too cute, like a Miata or something. I’ll keep looking. The Acura NSX is pretty cool looking, but too sporty and really, she’s better than an Acura. It should be something European. I hate Porches. She’s not a Ferrari kind of chick. Maybe an Audi. No. It’s gotta be classy.

Here we go: 97 Asten Martin DB7. Motherfuckin’ James Bond’s car. That’ll do the job. AND it has a sunroof.


Morphine overdose (sounds pretty nice actually. Go to sleep, stop breathing, never wake up. I mean, I don’t want to die, but as far as ways to die go, it sounds like a comfortable one)