That drawing of the Zodiac Killer (Found the picture, plus another picture. I briefly considered making Jack responsible for the Zodiac killings, just because that getup with the hood and sunglasses would be a way for him to commit those murders in the day time, but it’s so far from his Jack’s M.O. and honestly, Jack isn’t smart enough to come up with all of the other aspects of the Zodiac case that make it so interesting. So that idea was stupid. It did lead to one of those wikipedia dives down the serial killer rabbit hole. I didn’t know Otis Toole killed Adam Walsh. Now I do)


The original police sketch, and then a pretty sick drawing by true crime author Robert Greysmith, who wrote the book that they based the movie Zodiac on.

Mansions in Big Bear Lake, California (which we just thought of as Big Bear when I lived in SoCal. I need to readjust my thinking. I put this character in a mansion up in Big Bear, but in my head I saw it as this like, massive Overlook Hotel/Addams Family looking place with a ballroom and like, all gothic and Victorian looking, but I need to remember that this is California. I mean, those kinds of houses could certainly exist up there, but it would be out of place, and the whole point is to blend in, so none of that. That said, all of these houses I’m finding on are gross and look like they’re cabins from the 70s. I need to find something modern, big and cool looking. Fucking carpets, are you kidding me?)

Mansions in Lake Arrowhead, California (Actually, fuck Big Bear. Lake Arrowhead has MUCH nicer houses. This place is perfect. That’s more like it! That’s some Overlook Hotel shit right there.

Shit, I want to live there. It’s only 16 million dollars. Get buying them books people! I got a house to save up for!

Jesus, look at this place!

I’m considering saying that she bought a ski-lodge or hotel and converted it into a house. Look at this place: The Club in Big Bear I could definitely picture some people getting like, super murdered there)

The River Thames (mostly just how to spell it, but also that it was what I thought it was. I’d be completely useless without the internet)

Princess Diana (I just needed to know when she died. It doesn’t come up in the story, but I needed a clearer picture in my head about the rise of the paparazzi as the vultures we know them to be today)

Short nosed 357 revolver (needed a big but compact gun. That’ll do)

 Devolution (I wasn’t sure if it was actually a real word or if it was just something DEVO made up. Turns out it’s real! I didn’t use it though, I went with “decay” instead)