Today I broke open Danny, which is one of the chapters I wrote a long time ago and then put away to focus on other things, and it’s always just sat there mostly untouched, while I tinkered and played with Charlie and Patricia. I knew I had a good introduction to her, and I established a lot of information about the vampires and some of the characters, but really, it was a fairly self contained story, so I didn’t feel the need to keep checking back in on it. Today I did that. It was a bit of a mess. Lots of editing to clean up. Weird grammar and punctuation stuff (of which I’m still not 100% about. I wish I had a proper editor) and inconsistencies. The worst thing is that I realized as I was rereading it, that because I changed the date of the Patricia story (which really starts the “on Island” story, in Lost terms) from modern time to 1998, and Danny’s story takes place two years before Patricia’s story, so that meant that I had to go through and retrofit the Danny story to 1996 rather than like, two years ago. That was more complicated than I expected. Cellphones and the internet made a pretty big difference in peoples lives. Most of what I researched was checking whether things were around in 1996.

suburbs of Los Angeles (for some reason, I’ve got Danny living in Glendale, which is where the club that the story begins in is located. So both the Patricia and Devon stories feature them driving to Glendale. I thought it was overkill to have the Danny story that doesn’t even have anything to do with that club also take place in Glendale, so I moved it to San Bernardino. But then I got to a point where I was naming streets, and I remember all the work I put into google maps when I wrote it originally and mapped out Danny’s driving route from work to home, and I just wasn’t up to doing that work again, so I said fuck it “It’s an amazing coincidence that she also lives in Glendale” and left it at that. I don’t even know why I’ve got such a hardon for Glendale. I don’t think I’ve ever even been there.
Intervention (was not on TV in 1996. Took the reference out entirely)
Mike’s Hard Lemonade (did not exist in 1996, but Zima did, so I went with that)
Zima (yup)
Swami (a character makes a reference to the towel that Danny had wrapped around her hair making her look like Osama Bin Laden. So I had to figure out what other vaguely racist comparison that character could make. The best I could come up with was a swami)
Clove cigarettes (yep. That one I should have known because I smoked clove cigarettes back then. Though it may have been closer to 1998)
Hot Yoga (it existed, though wasn’t as popular as it got later. But since she’s in the greater L.A. area, and it first got popular in L.A. I thought it was reasonable. Let someone argue with me about it. IDGAF)
DVDs (NOPE. I mean, dvds existed, but this character had dvds burned full of images and videos of bestiality, and that wouldn’t have happened. So instead it’s books and magazines)
This cell phone thing is fucking my shit up (payphones and caller ID boxes. PAIN IN MY ASS)

The good news is that Book 3.1 – DANNY is processing with amazon right now and should be ready to go tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile