Victorian underwear (what would Jack the Ripper call panties? I’m certainly not saying “pantaloons” even if that’s acurrate just because no. Knickers was actually appropriate. So that works. Drawers also works. I wonder if a prostitute in that time wouldn’t wear “open drawers” ? Or no underwear at all? I dunno. It doesn’t matter at the moment, because he’s not in the Victorian era in the part I’m writing. I’m just trying to figure out what they’d be in his mind)

Saddle Shoes (just making sure they were what I thought they were. They are)

Hot Air Balloons (oh year. I figured as much with Jules Verne and all, but I wanted to make sure)
Automobiles (would Jack the Ripper know what a car was? (Nope, probably not. The very first car came out in Germany in 1886. Granted, 2 years before the Ripper murders, but it was so far removed from what eventually became modern cars in 1908 with the Model T that I doubt he would have any idea what he was looking at)