Getting close to done on the first draft of my next volume. I’ve got others that are basically done, but now that I’m starting into the bi-weekly pattern, I want to make an effort to stagger the characters a bit. So I’m writing a new character (new to the story thus far) and will probably do the same for the next one as well, and then go back and continue one of the already establish character’s story.

Anyway, on with it.

British dialects (watched a million videos on youtube about accents and voice coaching for about an hour instead of writing. Learned a lot about RP and Cockny accents and all of the variations between. Recordings of Virginia Wolf and HG Wells speaking were pretty helpful. In the process I also learned a fair bit about geography in england. Well, more than I knew before anyway, which was pretty much zero. I did eventually decide that my character was from Surrey. Ultimately didn’t even mention it in the the actual writing. It’s just something I know. Maybe it’ll come up later. )
The name Darla (offshoot of Darleen. Name of the little girl on Our Gang)
Hair Clippers (Electric hair clippers came around in the ’20s. Before that they had those weird ones that had loops like scissors)
Slide projectors in 1936 (NOPE. Where’s Don Draper and the carousel when you need him?)
Victorian slang (same problem I had with 60s slang. If it’s too weird, it takes me out of it, so I’m going to just ignore it for now and stick with basic british slang I hear in Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright movies. Because I’m American and that’s how I roll)
Victorian term for lesbian (lesbian. go figure. Dyke, however, didn’t come into prominence until the 40s, according to wikipedia)
Cigarettes (I started to have my Victorian era character surprised at the strangeness of manufactured cigarettes in 1936, but then realized he’d be far more impressed by the zippo used to light it)
Driver’s licenses in the 30s (you had to have one, but it was super easy to get and it was just a piece of paper with some basic information on it)

1930s cars (decided on the 1931 Cadillac v16)

Bad. Ass.