Cities about an hour from Flagstaff, Arizona (I think I settled on Black Canyon City, which is closer to Phoenix than it is to Flagstaff, and it’s actually more like an hour and a half away, but it’s the one that worked. It’s also about an hour from Luke Air Force Base, which worked for me. I never actually even mention where exactly it is that they are, but I like to know the geography of it. Weirdly enough, Luke AFB is in Glendale, AZ, and a lot of my story also takes place in Glendale, California. So that’s unfortunately weird)
Kenny Rogers and the Fifth Edition (Just needed to know when they broke up. 1976, so in 1972 Kenny was still cool and psychedelic)
Michelob (dates. yes it existed)
Denny’s (Dates again. Yes it existed. I take after Stephen King’s fondness for brand names)
How long it takes a person to walk 10 miles (Let’s just say that I’m not a person who does a lot of walking if I don’t have to. I had to actually look that up.)
Sequels using numbers in their titles (This turned out to be far more complex than I expected and forced me to rethink something I’ve had in my story since the beginning. The character of Charlie is named Charlie 7 at the beginning of the story (which is really much later in the story) and the reason for that is because every time she reinvents herself, she adds a number to her name. She started off as Charlie. When she became a vampire, she jokingly called herself Charlie 2, like the sequel to Charlie. That then carried on for the next thirty years until now (which is now 1998, for unrelated reasons) she’s up to Charlie 7, the implication being that over the course of those decades, she’s reinvented herself six times. The first book really covers Charlie 1-3. Today, what I was writing was her first deciding to take on that moniker and her reasons for it. Just because I wasn’t sure, I looked up when exactly sequels started simply adding numbers to the original title. Apparently The Godfather II was the first one to do that, which doesn’t help me at all. There have been sequels for as long as there’s been literature, but the process of adding numbers to suggest the order that the sequels come in is fairly new. So I had to rethink that. I asked Sandra and she suggested that I go with the more royal sounded Charlie the Second, as though she was Henry VIII or something, and that kind of worked. So what I did was have her start with that and decide that it’s too masculine sounding and shortens it simply Charlie 2, which gives me my in to that process. Glad I checked!)
1969 Ford Fairlane interior (Did it have bench seats? Sometimes, sure. Good)
Lucy Ricardo dress (Blue with white polka dots and a mock tuxedo shirt collar)
Mad Men era Underwear (giant Maidenform bra with pointy torpedo boobs, big, lacy high waisted briefs, garter belt and stockings. I went with the stockings over a slip because, well, I’m a Joanie fan)
Betty yes, Peggy no. For this purpose anyway.
(on a side note, one of the things that happens when you do a google image search for “Mad Men Underwear” you get a lot of pictures of Jon Hamm walking around town apparently not wearing underwear and his dick is kind of sort of visible through his pants. Because apparently Hambone is packin’. Good looking, charming, funny, rich, successful and a biggo crank. Must suck to be him)
Janet Leigh’s underwear in Psycho (I realized that the Mad Men underwear reminded me of Janet Leigh in Psycho, so I looked that up as well. No stockings, but close enough)

What professional grade handcuffs are made of (stainless steel. Duh)
How long has stainless steel been around (since around 1902-1910)
Elbow dislocation (needed to know if elbows could be dislocated and how one might fix that. Well, it’s done via the elbow reduction maneuver. Not nearly as exciting as Mel Gibson’s slamming his shoulder into a car door to fix his dislocated shoulder in Lethal Weapon 2, but if handled correctly, could be still fairly disturbing. I actually forgot that I dislocated this character’s elbow (the one dressed like Betty Draper in her underwear) and need to go back and write her fixing herself, or asking another character to do it for her. I haven’t decided yet. Either way, it should probably be addressed. Also, big ups to youtube for providing me with plenty of nauseating medical videos that I can look at whenever I need to know this sort of thing)
SERE training (I started to write a chapter from the perspective of a guy who’s been to Vietnam that they’ve got tied to a chair, and researched the kind of training someone in the military during the Vietnam war might have, to deal with potential POW type scenarios. Then I just scrapped the whole idea of writing it from his perspective because I don’t really care what that character thinks. He’s an asshole and he’ll be gone soon enough)

I’ve realized that I feel compelled to keep track of all of this stuff and post it as a way to keep myself honest. I figure as long as I’m doing this, even if I’m not posting pages, I’m still showing my work, in a homework sense. It’ll force me to write if I know I’m expected to have researched a bunch of writing related topics.

The internet is the best.