Forgot to post this last night. I didn’t do a lot of writing. Was tired and not feeling it, so I did some rereading of what I’ve already written and editing and fixing things I didn’t like. So here are a few things I did have to look up.

What the fuck that thing is called that’s in the middle of a turntable. The little pokey uppy part that you put through the hole in a record to keep it in place. The like… post thing. It’s like a sticky uppy little nub. WTF is it? (A SPINDLE. It took me like, a half hour to figure out that. Jesus. Goddamned spindle. MOVING ON)
Valium (was it around in 1972? Certainly)
Which desert Flagstaff is in (Colorado Plateau. That’s a mouthful and confusing. NEVER MIND)
Gumby (when was he on? 1955-1970. Perfectly reasonable for a 15 year old girl in 1971 to compare Elvis to Gumby)

I also did a thing that I told myself I wasn’t going to do, which was name a street after a reference to another vampire story. It always kind of bugs me when people do that. But really, it’s when they’re super lazy about it. It seems like every zombie movie that’s come out in the last twenty years has had a Romero Street or Romero High or Romero’s Pizzeria. There was a Silent Hill game a while back that was particularly bad about it. The streets were all named Kubrick and Carpenter and Romero. I was like, come on guys, dig a little deeper.

Anyway, I had a line where Charlie rides her bike down Poplar Street. I called the street that because I remembered a Poplar street in one of the bajillion places I’ve lived and it’s a solid street name. I couldn’t use a real street name because the town that I picked for this part of the story to take place in only has numbers for streets. They’re all like W146th Street, which is super boring. So I made it Marsten Street, which is a reference to Salem’s Lot. Although, isn’t that guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer named Marsten? (HOLD ON MUST DO NEW RESEARCH) Okay, no, James Marsters. Alright, cool. Salem’s Lot, yes, Buffy, no. No offense Buffy fans.