Electric lights in Victorian London (They existed, but only just barely. This character is rich so has probably seen them before)
Bank of England (ooh. It’s nicknamed The Old Lady because the ghost of a nun named Sarah Whitehead supposedly haunts its garden. Thanks Wikipedia!)
Jack the Ripper murders (I knew it was the 1880s but i wanted the exact year. 1888)
Black Dahlia murder (1947)
The Trunk Murder (I thought it was unsolved, but it wasn’t. It was in 1931 and was committed by a woman named Winnie Judd. NO HELP. Still some grizzly shit if you’re into grizzly shit)
Brighton trunk murders (DIFFERENT trunk murder. These were two unrelated trunk murders in England in 1934. One was never solved, the other remained unsolved after the chief suspect was found not-guilty, but then confessed on his deathbed in 1976. Neither really helps me)
Sordid (“involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt” I thought it was “sorid.” I’ve been apparently saying/spelling it wrong my entire life)
Googling names (to figure out who the other members of the vampire council might be. Nobody recognizable. I just needed good names.)
Blond vs blonde (I’ve always gone with “blonde” but never really knew which was right. Apparently both work, but blond is sometimes considered masculine, verses blonde, which is sometimes considered feminine. I dunno. I’m sticking with blonde)