Most of my time lately has been dedicated to prepping the next Charlie story, so I haven’t been writing a lot of new material. But what I have written has required the following research:

Trench knife (the 1918 Mach 1 marine issue trench knife specifically, with the knuckledusters. BADASS)
Look at that thing! Some bastards could get stabbed super hard with that.

Victorian era terms of endearment (sweetheart was pretty common and works for me)

Delaware (I don’t know anything at all about Delaware. Still don’t, really, but I got what I needed. I don’t have time for Delaware)

Synonyms for panties (I don’t know if it was a conversation or something I read, but I got it in my head that women never call their underwear panties, and that it’s pretty much just guys who use that word. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I keep correcting myself anyway)

When did Charles Manson shave his head?  (during the sentencing portion of the trial in 1971)

the plural of the letter X (it’s apparently a hot debate. I’m going to go with capitol X and an apostrophe. X’s. I thought no apostrophe would be better, but I think that’s less clear Xs. Like it’s a weird word that people… fuck it, I’m going to say
“crosses” or “X marks”)

Towns in Pennsylvania (also how to spell Pennsylvania, which kind of sounds like Transylvania! I originally wanted her to be from Hershey, Pennsylvania (if a sociopath like Don Draper can grow up in a whorehouse in Hershey, then so can my sweet Caroline. Plus, oh yeah, Sweet Caroline/Hershey Chocolate. So many great reasons) but then I found out that Hershey Pennsylvania didn’t exist until the chocolate guy founded it as a model town built around his factory in 1903-1910ish, which doesn’t help me at all because Caroline was born… well, a long time before then. So Hershey, Pennsylvania can ess-my-dee. Hrmmm. Oh shit, she could be Amish. That would be crazy. Nah. Not Caroline. Sorry, thinking out loud.

Hmmm. I considered Allentown, but that terrible Billy Joel song is about Allentown, and I don’t want people to think of that when they read it. Though I found at least two different serial killers who operated out of Allentown (Charles Cullen and Harvey Miguel Robinson) Oooh shit, there’s also a pornstar named Devon from there. Alright, that’s it, Allentown it is. Wish it was Hershey though. :I

I better make sure it actually existed when Caroline was born and wasn’t built in 1925 by the guy who invented Mike and Ikes. Alright, 1762. Works for me.)