It’s getting down to the wire for the Charlie and Caroline side story, Death Games. I’m still shooting for the 15th, but man it’s looming. It’s another one of those that I meant to be short and sweet and it’s turning out to be long and brutal.

Shooting yourself in the head (Mouth vs Temple. Found a lively discussion. What I came away with is that mouth shot is more likely to kill you, because the back of the brain is where most of your actual life support functions generate. The front of the brain is mostly personality and mental function, so you’re more likely to blind yourself and scramble your brain but not actually kill yourself with a temple shot. That said, I’m sure both would probably kill you more often than not)

Snubnose .38 specials (decided on Smith and Wesson “Bodyguard” which has a shrouded hammer, which seemed to me to make it a perfect gun for carrying in a purse)

That one photo of Marilyn Monroe dead in her bed (I’m not gonna post it here but if you googled it, it’s not hard to find. It’s the one where the cop is pointing at the pill bottles on her nightstand)

what color brains actually are (the answer may surprise you!)

Kim Novak (needed a different actress to compare a character to other than Marilyn Monroe. Kim Novak was who I came up with. Caroline btw)
Annex - Novak, Kim_02

Fancy Hairbrushes (Mason Pearson Brushes came up. Interestingly enough, they started in a factory in the East End of London in the 1885, three years before the ripper murders in the same part of London. Apparently the brushes you get now are virtually identical to the ones they made in the 1880s, with some minor tweaks added in the 1920s. They sell online for between 50 and 200 bucks)

Anne Sexton (general information)

Paul Lynde (was writing about Scooby-Doo and I wrote that Paul Lynde was the guest star, because how could he not be? Turns out he was never on Scooby-Doo. WTF?)

Scooby Doo guest stars in the 1960s (not Paul Lynde apparently)

Senator Claghorn  (a vaudeville and radio character the basis of Foghorn Leghorn. I always thought he was based on Andy Griffith, but, you know, I was wrong)

How tall is a five story building (I pretty much could figure that out on my own using basic common sense, but I needed to make sure)

What is a good five story building in flagstaff? (The Monte Vista hotel works)

Public pools in nephi, utah (couldn’t find one that seemed like it would have been around in the 1960s, so I went with the YMCA in Salt Lake City)

Truman Capote (just where exactly his accent comes from. Apparently it’s a topic of much debate, as it’s pretty much unique to him)

Judas Iscariot (Actually this was for another story that I haven’t written yet. I just had an idea and started prepping)

Home hair dye kits (basic history )

Trunk release in a 1960s Cadillac (a lever. I figured)

Detachable Showerhead (for cleaning purposes, I swear. the internet is great. 1928)

Pennsylvania (just where it is. I had no idea really beyond the fact that it was out east somewhere. Probably north-ish. I’m not so good with geography)

Virginia Slims (1968. I should have known that. Peggy Olson was smoking them before they came out so she could create an ad campaign for them on Mad Men. Speaking of which, I also researched Virginia Slims advertisements from the 1970s)

1973 Barracuda (whether it came in an automatic and what its top speed was. Yes it did and seems it topped out around 105-115 mph)