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I remember when I watched Ti West’s film House of the Devil, it reminded me a lot of The Sentinel. It’s one of those great 70s horror movies that didn’t quite have the visceral punch (or the budget) of The Exorcist, but still had that great 70s outlaw sensibility to it. While it’s got notes of Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen, I think it stands quite well on its own creepy legs. There’s a delightfully surreal, nightmare quality to it that reminds me of David Lynch. Plus,  practically entire cast were either already awesome actors, or actors on their way to being awesome.


This movie has everything:

Burgess Meredith being the crazy pimp he was!

Customary ‘70s girl in nightie with a knife!

Chris Sarandon being creepy and gross with a mustache!

Cats having a party!


Kubrick-esque one-point perspective!


Attempted Suicide after seeing her old man dad doing weird naked shit!

Real life “freaks” (IE people afflicted with unfortunate physical deformities) used in ethically questionable ways for the sake of horror!

Richard Dreyfuss randomly in the background, even though this was a year after Jaws and the same year that both Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Goodbye Girl came out. How long did this movie sit on the shelf?

Sexy fancy ladies!

A really fucking weird Beverly D’Angelo full camera eye-contact masturbation scene.

Young Christopher Walken being sexy as fuck!


John Carradine in creepy blind old man makeup!

Nana Visitor from Deep Space Nine and Tom Motherfucking Berenger.

Hungry young Jeff Goldblum with his shirt open, standing next to a chick who looks like that one actress who played Cut-Throat Bitch on House and was Betty Draper’s pregnant friend on Mad Men and was Alfie’s super creepy wife on Big Love. I love her. Where’d she go? This obviously isn’t her but she reminds me of her. I need to look her up. Anne Dudek. She hasn’t done a whole lot since House. A few things here and there. She needs to be in more stuff.

And much, much more!