Installing a toilet (just how it’s done. I needed to know if it’s something one person could do. Seems like it is if the plumbing is in place)

Alternatives to handcuffs (Handcuffs are boring to me. Besides they’ve come up before (in a yet unpublished story.) I figured the alternative is either something made for large animals or, more sensibly, something bought at a sex shop. Plenty of options there, obviously. I wish I could find the picture I found last night when I searched for this, because they were cool looking and pretty much exactly what I pictured in my head. The ones I saw looked less like handcuffs or shackles and more like Wonder Woman’s bulletproof wrist bracelets things, which is closer to what I pictured in my head. I wanted less BDSM and more just bitchin’. Granted they’re still being used for restraining someone rather than deflecting bullets, but they might as well be cool looking. At least in my mind. Besides, I have no doubt that when William Moulton Marston and his wives were coming up with Wonder Woman, those bracelets were meant to be just as kinky as they look)

That whole investigation into alternative wrist restraints dropped me down an hour long internet rabbit hole on the history of Wonder Woman. Yay writing!

coagulation of blood outside of the body (probably something I should have looked up sooner, but oh well. Blood begins to coagulate immediately after it leaves your body, which is why it becomes sticky and gross. It never occurred to me that someone keeping blood in a container not designed for storing blood would run into this problem, but here we are. Blood transfusion bags and vials have anti-coagulants in them. Duly noted. Oddly enough, I went to go get blood-work done recently and I drilled the woman taking my blood about it. She said that blood in a thermos would just a big a chunky, soupy, disgusting mess)

Hallucinogenic drugs other than LSD (or drugs that can be mixed with acid to achieve what I need to achieve)

China plates (just needed to confirm that they looked like what I thought they looked like. They do)