Now that The Death Game is officially finished and in the final editing phase, I thought it was appropriate to post the last of my “stuff I researched while writing” info for this particular story. The Death Game should be up for sale on the Kindle store by tomorrow!

Cliff diving (how the fuck do they not die? Apparently with years and years of practice)

YMCA pools (checking my info. Apparently women didn’t start going to YMCAs until the 1960s. Before that point, the pools were strictly nude, due to a belief that the cotton in bathing suits would clog the filtration systems. Yeah… Okay.)

The nervous system (how it works and spinal cord injuries)

Pull cord inflatable life rafts. (C02 cartridges)

Centenarians (what do you call someone who is over 150 years old? The world may never know)

Hoodies (yep, they existed in the mid 70s. They weren’t called “hoodies” until fairly recently though)

Silt (sediment is a better word. Though “silt” is almost “slit” which has all kinds of violent and sexual implications)

The Colorado river (flows INTO the grand canyon from Cameron, Arizona, not out of it. D’oh!)

The release dates of Iggy Pop albums (Raw Power 1973)

Filling stations (when did self serve become standard practice? The 70s. Works)

Squeegees (spelling mostly, though they have a wikipedia page. Invented in 1936)

Black Sabbath tour dates (Salt Lake City, Sept 11, 1972)

When the slogan “Be a Pepper” for Dr. Pepper started (1977. Too late)