Early sixties Slang (there was very little that I couldn’t have gleaned from watching Happy Days or Stand by Me. Most of it seemed to be surfing/hot rod related. I’m better off leaving it out anyway. I find that when I’m reading something that takes place in a particular period, it takes me out of the story if they start throwing around slang and vernacular specific to that time period. I don’t need characters saying “groovy” and “far out man” if it’s a story that takes place in the late sixties. I mean, if I was writing a story about Joan of Arc, I wouldn’t write it in French and figure out 1400s slang.)
Montgomery Ward/Sears, Roebuck (I need a character to mention a catalogue, and my first thought was Sears, so I had to look up whether they were still Sears, Roebuck back in 1972 (they were) and then saw a bit about Montgomery Ward, and I remembered that THAT was a catalogue we had when I was a kid, and that I actually remember going to Montgomery Ward (which we called Monkey Wards) more than I remember going to Sears. So I went with that instead)
The Patty Duke Show twins (Patty and Cathy Lane. A character makes a reference to that show. I couldn’t remember the characters names)
La-Z-Boy recliners (just needed to know if they were around in 1972. They were)
Long haul truck cabins/bunks (like most things, just needed to know if they existed in my time period. They did)

I wrote a lot tonight, but didn’t need to do a lot of research. It’s going well. I’m bagged though.