This is from today and yesterday. Mostly I’ve just been editing since last night, because I learned some grammar stuff that I’ve been doing wrong and needed to go back and fix pretty much everything I’ve written so far. I’m about halfway through doing that. But it’s good though. It’s a little bit of a break, and every time I reread I find things to fix and things to change and things that could be said better. Plus it gives me confidence, because I really like so much of what I’ve written so far. I think this is really good.

Anyway, so yeah, this is the last few things I researched before I stopped writing and started editing:

Miss (does it need a period like Mr. and Mrs.? No. It doesn’t. Unless you go with Ms. which is more formal. I like Miss though. It almost seems like a name.)
Jewish names (Mostly just because I decided this character was Jewish and I wanted to know if I needed to make any adjustments to her name. Nope. It wasn’t really important for me to find a super Jewish sounding name, but I thought it was at least worth looking up what I’d already picked to see if it worked. It didn’t have to be Rachel Vampenberg)
Astroturf (Mostly just needed to know if people were using it on their lawns in the 70s. Apparently the Brady Brunch did on TV, but it didn’t actually catch on until the 90s. Before that, it was pretty much just used in athletics.)
Fucking punctuation and quotation marks. (Yeah, I’ve got some pretty sizable holes in my basic grammar knowledge. One of the downsides of having skipped high school. By “skipped” I don’t mean to suggest that I excelled past it, but skipped in the sense that I simply didn’t go)
Ellipsis too, while we’re at it (fucking nailed that one)
Sharon Tate (Just needed her filmography. Not much to speak of.)
Richard Speck (when he did what he did. Needed another 60s monster to hold up to compare Manson to along with the Zodiac)