I was thinking about a scene I always wanted to put in the original screenplay but didn’t have a place for. It was kind of a silly scene and I considered planning on using it as just an after credits kind of goof scene, but even that didn’t seem like a good idea.

That got me thinking about a pretty huge scene that I’m going to have to write in the next month or so, and it’s really heavy, and I realized that I can use that silly scene to counterbalance the really heavy scene, and that made me happy.
Then I realized that once I write that really heavy scene, I’m pretty much halfway through the main story, which is weird. With Victoria 2.1 out today, I’ve got seven “books” out so far. While I know where the story is going as far as the on-island story (in Lost terms) a lot of the backstory is still uncharted territory. I mean, I know a lot of what’s happened, but I’m also filling in a lot of blanks and, in some cases, making it up fresh.

So I realized that I’m not actually anywhere near half done. I’ve still got a lot of writing to do.

I know for sure there’s at least two or three Danny books left. I still have to write all of the Victoria/Jack/Salome stuff from London in the 1880s. I’ve got two unpublished but mostly finished Charlie stories, and at least one more to write. Possibly two.

I’ve got at least two Jack stories to write, probably four, not including his .0 Sally Simpson story, which is the Black Dahlia story (that I’m writing right now, along with the next Danny book) which takes up up to the present day (1998 in this case)

So yeah, that finish line is still a ways off. Lots of covers to make and stories to write. Once it’s all done, I’ll compile them all into one book and publish a print version.

Anyway, I know that’s a lot of inside baseball, but I’m thinking out loud.