Alright, so I just reformatted all of the books I’ve put up so far (four of them) to make them hopefully a little nicer to read on various devices. I also made a few corrections and updates here and there, so if you’ve bought any of them and haven’t read them yet, the new versions should be up tomorrow or late tonight and you should redownload them.

I’ve still got content already written, but it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to take a break from making covers and learning how the hell epubs work and actually get back to writing, which I feel good about. I’ve got a lot of ideas swimming around, and a lot of rock to chip away to get at that juice story.

One of the things that’s dictated which books I release when has been waiting on permission from various stock photographers for use of their images. I want to be sure and do right by these artists, so I’m making sure everyone whose art I’m using is aware and down with it. So far I’ve only had one person hold me up, but that’s alright, I’ve been able to work around her so far. Most people have been incredibly cool. It makes me feel better about the community to get such warm responses. Here are the covers so far:

devonsmall newcharlie2 patriciacoversmall dannydone

And, just because I want to give as much as credit as I can give, here are links to some of the awesome people who contributed stock to these covers, either actively or by making their art available for this sort of use:











Victoria and more Charlie is on deck next for release. I think for now I’ll keep the four I’ve got up as a good place to start and then try and fall into the biweekly pattern I want to establish.

For now, these four are will all be ready to buy once the new versions finish processing on amazon.

Check out my author page on amazon for all the appropriate links and such!