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Book 0: Patricia is free until the 19th

The Bloodletting introduction Book 0: Patricia is FREE on Amazon right now. Go get it! Seriously! FREE. No excuse not to. It’s short and violent and a little sexy and a lot of fun. GO go go! (header source)

Victoria 2.2 live on amazon!

The new story is up and ready to go! Bloodletting: Book 2.2 – Victoria London’s East End in the 1880s isn’t an easy place to live, and life is especially difficult for Victoria and Mary-Ellen, two prostitutes trying to stay alive. That becomes more challenging after Mary-Ellen stumbles onto Jack the Ripper. This volume in the…

Victoria 2.2

The newest story, Victoria 2.2 is uploaded to Amazon and currently processing. It will be available for purchase by tomorrow morning! In conjunction with the release, I’m putting the first two Victoria stories (Victoria 2.1 and Devon 2.0) on a 5 day free promotion, also starting tomorrow!


So I’ve decided to put the books up Smashwords. No reason not to now that they’re up on Kobo and I’m no longer exclusive with Amazon. They’re available in all formats at a “Set your own price” deal. Bloodletting: A Vampire Story A series by Joe Humphrey Bloodletting: Book 0 – Patricia By Joe…

Danny 3.2 is half up

Get it for free! PDF Kobo (Coming soon) You can get it on Amazon for .99 cents, which is as cheap as they’ll let me price it until they price-match Kobo to zero. —- Danny is an experiment in human psychosis. Pushed to her limit and beyond to appease a few of curious vampires, the…

The Death Game is Live on Amazon!

When you can live forever and recover for just about any injury, it becomes increasingly difficult to entertain yourself. That’s why two vampires living in Flagstaff, Arizona in the 1970s spend their free time figuring out increasingly more creative ways to kill themselves. What starts off as a game, eventually tests their relationship and reveals…

Charlie 1.2 is free for five days!

Charlie is on the 5 day free promotion on Amazon right now! So if you haven’t gotten it yet then go pick it up! Read it! Love it! Marry it! Grow old together and live a long and happy life! GO GET IT! FREE I SAID FREE!