How people eat pomegranate. (never had it myself. These Russian dudes have a pretty good video explaining pomegranates)

Wiltshire, England (It’s where Stonehenge is! I ended up not using any of the information I learned)

Great Western Railway (also related to the scrapped Stonehenge scene. IRRELEVANT!)

Stonehenge (see above)

Treacle (I knew what it was, but I needed to know if it was what someone in Victorian England would think of instead of syrup. It was!)

The fall of the British Empire (Hitler! Well, also Japan and The U.S. and just the natural order of the world)

The Napoleonic Wars (mostly I was interested in the idea of how a vampire would establish their identity. I mean, a vampire could only really stay in one place for maybe, what, thirty years? Before people start asking “hey… how come you don’t get older?” So I thought that if a vampire lived in Europe, they would travel between countries during wars. As countries are torn down and rebuilt, they too could reestablish themselves in the chaos. At least for a while. I thought that for a good four or five hundred years, a vampire in Europe could hop between Germany and Eastern Europe and France and Britain as various sides rose and fell from power. So yeah. In this instance, I went with a France/England transition)

Roman Bath Houses (lots and lots of reading about these places. They seem like they were probably pretty gross)

Body hair in ancient Rome (High class Romans liked their junk smooth and hairless. High five! Apparently a popular means of body hair removal was to have slaves pluck their hair out with tweezers. Less fun!)

What Latin sounds like when spoken in conversation (Sounds kind of like French. Kind of like Spanish. Kind of like Italian. Go figure.

The floors of Herod’s palace (I didn’t know if this was information that would be available, but it couldn’t hurt to look. BAM! Though I was looking for where Herod Antipas lived, and this is the palace of Herod the Great, his father. I’m going to assume Herod Antipas lived in the the same palace after his father’s death. Regardless, even if it’s not, I think it’s safe to guess it had similar floors at least)

What is a silver charger? (just a big serving dish. Good for putting heads on)

Salome (Lots and lots about Salome. Not that I haven’t done a million hours of research about her already, but there’s always more to learn)