I just did the math and the collected word-count of the Bloodletting series so far (including 2 unpublished volumes) is 209.5k.

For the sake of scale, Stephen King’s The Shining is 160k.  Carrie is 60K. Pet Sematary is 145k. The Stand: Complete and Uncut edition is 473.2k.

Now, The Stand is possibly the longest novel I’ve ever read. The hardcover clocks in at… lemme go look… 1153 pages. That’s a lot of book.

So I’m not quite to the halfway point of The Stand, but not I’m not far off. That’s pretty crazy.

Obviously I know that quantity doesn’t equal quality. Any ape banging on a keyboard can churn out a thousand pages of bullshit. The Twilight series comes in at just under 600k total. That said, it’s encouraging to see that there’s there’s a lot of material behind me. I like being able to say that I’ve written the equivalent of at least a couple average length novels.

I think I’m about just over halfway done with the story total. It depends on how far I want to take the ending, and whether I want to get into the backstories of a couple of characters I haven’t really explored yet. I haven’t decided yet.